Sunday, July 12, 2009

Need To Decorate A Dorm Room On A Budget?

I was out and about at Aldi's today and saw Extra Long Twin Size Sheets at Aldi's for $8.99 and Comforter with Sham for $16.99! I am going by memory, so I may be off by a dollar or two, but very, very affordable and nice bright colors, too. These are a "Special Purchase" so you have to get them while they are still in stock.

I also saw mini refrigerators at Costco yesterday for about $89, if your student needs one of those.

I will be choosing the winners of Summer Yoplait prizes tomorrow! Thanks to all of you that entered!



squawmama said...

Hey Bella thanks for the info... I love Aldi... Hope your day is great


Chasity said...

That is wonderful info- Aldi's is a great store and that's a wonderful deal. Even better than that, though- I happened to see them on sale in my local Walmart flyer for $7.50, so you might want to check- you can view the flyer online. However, I don't know what the thread count on either set is, so there might be a noticeable difference between the two sets as far as quality.

TidyMom said...

do you know we have an Aldi's and I've never been in it?! I thought it was just groceries? .......think I need to make a trip in that store!!LOL


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