Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free Subscription to Organic Gardening Magazine from Stonyfield Farm

Join the Stonyfield Community here.

Then sign up for a free subscription to Organic Gardening here.

Thank you Stonyfield Farms and Organic Gardening Magazine!

I love to garden, but I am holding off this year til closer to Memorial Day. I would usually have some Pansies out in my urns by now, but our Spring has sprung so late, that I am just going to hold off for more hardy summer annuals this year.

Have you started any gardening yet?


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Home & Garden at Aldi's (Who Knew?)

We just had an Aldi's market open up near our home. I already have a few favorites from Aldi's and today I was going to stop in and pick up a few of those items.

What a nice surprise to see Home and Garden Aldi's! And the prices were too low to pass up! We have a hole in our patio umbrella, so the first thing that I added to my cart was this Apple Green Patio Umbrella for $39.99! I love this color (and price!)

The next item to come home with me was this Patio Umbrella Stand for $16.99. We have a hideous plastic one, with duct tape all over it....the shame in it all (ha!), so I can finally get rid of that thing and have something much nicer to look at.

And finally a new black rubber Welcome Mat, for the low, low price of $8.99! What a deal (and they had a few different designs, too!)

They also had a gazebo, glider, wagon, child's picnic table with umbrella, outdoor lighting, gardening and hose tools and even some annual plants, oh and a bbq grill, too!
So, if you are lucky enough to have an Aldi's nearby, stop in and see what they have in their Home and Garden department...and don't forget to pick up some European Chocolate for $1.89 ;)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Area Rug for Living Room from Target

Did you know that Target sells area rugs? I guess I had seen them in the store before, but for some reason, just did not think to shop online at Target, when I was shopping for area rugs a couple of weeks ago.

Thankfully, during my search, I decided to ask on twitter where to look for rugs and @KaseyinCharge suggested Target...and bingo, I found the perfect rug for our living room, at a great price:

Target: Atmosphere Floral Blocks Rug Collection - Brown

The colors are very warm and muted. The rug itself is very soft and plush. I didn't know what to expect purchasing a rug online, but thankfully, this purchase was a wonderful surprise. It also doesn't 'curl' up on the ends like I have read many rugs will do for a few days to weeks...this rug just laid out flat in our living room the first time.

So, now you have seen the slipcovers that I ordered and a sneak peek of the furniture arrangement. I am just waiting to purchase some more tables and lighting and then I will show you the entire room. I can't wait!

What projects are you working on?


PS: Make sure to click on Kasey In Charge's link above to see her beautiful mint green baby nursery, it's beautiful!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Living Room Sneak Peek!


We are almost done with the Living Room! Just need some more tables and lighting...but I wanted to give you a little preview...notice anything???

I am soooo glad that we played around with the furniture placement again...we had tried it this way before, but for some reason I didn't like it, now I love it and could kick myself for not doing this sooner!

Still lots to do, but most of the big things are done. I am just so glad that we can now enjoy this room and the Iron Work Wall, what a big difference!
More to come soon!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Blog: Beach Cottage Love

Our friend, Julia at Hooked on Houses, has a new blog!

It's called Beach Cottage Love and it's fabulous! So go grab a cold beverage and like Julia says, take your flip flops off and enjoy your visit at her new blog. Make sure to add it to your blog roll and become a Follower, heck, all the cool kids are doing it ;)

Do you have any favorite new (or new to you) blogs to recommend? I would love to hear about them. Thanks!


PS: We have been busy painting our living room and having family over and Peter Cottontail and all of that good stuff! I hope to post pics of my Living Room this week!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sure Fit Slipcovers for Wing Chairs

I am in the midst of planning for my Living Room re-do. I am bringing in a couple of wing chairs that I bought at a garage sale into the room...but they desperately needed to be covered. I remembered that Marie from Watch The Wind Blow By had ordered a beautiful slipcover from ebay and lucky for me, I found 2 slipcovers that I love. Here, take a look:

I think these may even be the same ones that Marie ordered. I just love the chocolate brown color and I hope they come soon! I can't wait to see what they look like!

Now, I need an area rug and window treatments...oh and I still need to pick a paint Friday! I want a green, brown, cream sort of color for the rug..and maybe a faux silk champagne gold for the curtains, with sheers, too. I have HUGE windows in the Living Room. I wanted to do Bamboo shades with Curtains, but I think that would be really expensive. We need room darkening, too, because of the TV. It's pretty challenging...

What are your favorite places to shop for area rugs and window treatments online?



PS: Here is the buyer that I bought the slipcovers from: Smart Bargains

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Living Room Rearrangement

I can't believe it, but we have rearranged our Living Room so that the Entertainment Center is not in front of the Iron Work Wall! We have tried it this way before, but for some reason I didn't like it...but now I do, go figure. No pics now, I am going to wait til it's all put together, but I just had to share that with all of you, because I knew you'd understand my excitement!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pier 1 Moss Bunny on a Stick

Pier One has the cutest Moss Bunnies on a Stick and the best part? They are only $2! (How's that for decorating on a budget?) Perfect for Easter and Spring Decor, too!

(I am adding my bunnies on a stick to the Hooked on Houses party today, too! )

Grits and Glamour is having a blog party to show off what you are doing with your Bunny on a Stick and here is what I came up with:

Here the bunny is in my spray painted bucket flower holder:

Now the bunny on the stick is on top of my tabletop grapevine tree in the living room. See all of those paint chips on the wall? There are actually almost 100 colors on the wall! I have yet to pick a color, but I think I am pretty close.

Now the bunny has hopped onto my floral arrangement. I made it from items that I also purchased at Pier 1 yesterday. I just love it! It definitely shouts, "Spring!"

Now the bunny is on my gossip bench. I stuck some green fabric trim in the urn and tucked the bunny in there. Cute!

And finally, the bunny has rested in a hurricane jar full of potpourri on my telephone charging station table. I just love this little bunny! In fact, so does Robert, so I am glad that I got 2, because he keeps wanting to play with them!

Hope you enjoyed my bunny's adventures. For more bunny on a stick fun, join the party at Grits and Glamour!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pier 1 Hand Painted Plates Wall Decor

I was at Pier 1 Imports today, shopping for the cute $2 Moss Bunny on a Stick and look what I found there...a pre-designed arrangement of plates that you just hang up on the wall! How cool is that? And it's pretty BIG, too, so it would really make an impact in any room.

The price? $74.95! I don't think that is bad at all! I really wanted to buy one (I am very impulsive that way!), but I am not sure where I would hang it just yet, so I wanted to hold off for now. But if you are looking for something cool for your wall space, head over to Pier One and check it out!

Now, I need to find a place for my Bunny on a Stick so I can add my picture to the Bunny on a Stick Party at Grits and Glamour!

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