Friday, February 20, 2009

Rachael Ray Turkey Burgers with Horseradish and Cheddar Cheese Recipe


Rachael Ray - Turkey Burgers with Horseradish and Cheddar Cheese Recipe

1 package ground turkey (about 1-1 1/3 lbs)

2 rounded tablespoons fresh prepared horseradish

1/3 pound sharp white cheddar cheese, diced or crumbled into 1/4 in. pieces

2 Scallions (green onions), finely chopped

1 rounded palmful of grill seasonings (such as McCormick's Montreal Steak seasoning) (Less is more!)

extra virgin olive oil

spicy brown mustard

4 poppy seed Kaiser rolls

1 tub or can of good quality whole-berry cranberry sauce

Romaine lettuce

Gourmet Potato Chips

Heat a nonstick skillet over medium-high heat.

In a medium bowl, mix together meat, horseradish, cheddar pieces, scallions, and grill seasoning. Form 4 patties and drizzle them with EVOO. Cook the burgers for 5 to 6 minutes each side.

Spread mustard on bun bottoms and cranberry sauce on bun tops. Place the burgers on the buns with lettuce leaves.

Serve fancy/gourmet chips alongside.

Source: Rachael Ray Express Lane Meals, 2006, page 40

-Try with 6 oz crumbled Gorgonzola Cheese for a change
-I actually use yellow shredded cheddar cheese and they are very good
-Use chives from your garden instead of green onions
-To reheat, place burger in a bowl with a little bit of water on the bottom, cover with a damp paper towel and heat for a minute or so

Personally, when I make this, I do not put the cranberry sauce on my burger, but rather serve it on the side. I also serve it with a side of broccoli as well, since this is a vegetable that we all like. Even my older son LOVES these Rachael Ray Turkey Burgers and he can be very picky!!! They are very tasty and moist, not dry, like Turkey burgers can be.



squawmama said...

Thanks Bella... I love this recipe and hope to be making it sometime soon... Isn't Racheal Ray the best... Thanks


Anonymous said...

Sounds so good, I'm going to copy this in my Folder. Yummo.


the wreath witch said...

I think I'll try it too.

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