Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some Online Deals On Home Decor & A Star is Born

Deluxe 100% Cotton Damask Stripe Mattress Pads are on sale at

Twin, $12.16
Twin XL, $17.84
Full, $24.99
Queen, $20.65
King, $23.54
California King, $26.32

All orders will ship free, if your total is $25 or more. So, if it is less than $25, make sure to shop around for a good book or stocking stuffer to get to $25.

And, one of my favorite places to shop online is offering free shipping until December 21!

They usually never offer free shipping! This is where I purchased my
Laundry Hamper, among other fun things!

Last night, we went to my son Robert's first Christmas concert...

of course, I was sitting way off on one side and he was on the other side of the I did not get a good picture of him...and then when he saw me, he covered his face! lol

So, here is the BEST picture I got of him:

So, I am hoping that another parent or teacher got a better picture of him!!! ;)

Enjoy your day!



Darlene said...

Oh how funny that Robert hid his face from your camera. I bet the Christmas concert was so much fun! I just love going to those!

Thanks for the heads up on the deals!

Amy from Texas said...

That's what my kids do too! I have given up on taking pictures anymore! ha.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Your pictures look alot like my pictures! How precious.

Envoy-ette said...

I'm new to your blog..and we have a few things in common! Two boys, a love of decorating and farther then we want to be from friends and family! Well, nothing like changing our nests around to cope!
It works for me!

Ashley said...
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