Monday, September 15, 2008

HomeGoods Grand Opening And Other Shopping Adventures

OK, so HomeGoods finally opened a store by me and Sunday was theeeee Grand Opening...the grand opening for normal people, but us decorating types are not those, yes, THEEEEE Grand Opening!!!

I was armed and ready to go...see a few weeks back I ordered this baby with my points at

Yep, that's right $50 all for me, me, me! Normally I would have ordered something more practical, like a gc to JCP or Kohl's, so I could get the kids some clothes or something motherly like that...but nuh-uh, not this time...this time I got something for me, I felt naughty ;)

So, the store opened in our Michigan monsoon rain that we have been having, bright and early at 8:00 am...oh, how I wanted to be there then...but I waited until about 10 or so. I told Mr. Casa that I wanted to go there and what did he want to do, stay home with the kids or come with me....(stay home, stay home, I was thinking, hoping...) but nope, he wanted to come...which means our 4 year old would be with us, too...fudge!

So, we compromise, I say drop me off...go get gas at Costco and come back for, it's a plan.

Well, I step into the brightly lit store with all of the smiling faces greeting me and I swear I heard angels singing...until, I saw what a flippin' mad house it was! Egad, where did all of these decorating types of people come from and why were they at my favorite store buying all of the good stuff before I could get to it! Hmph!

So, I grabbed the last hand basket they carts were poof, all gone...and I knew I had to hurry, because no way did I want my fidgety hubby in here and my little guy who likes to touch everything in this store on this day.

So, here is what I grabbed and how in the world I managed to carry it all and do all of this in about 7 minutes is some kind of miracle, as I am the slowest, pokiest, putziest shopper that I know!

Two Tall Glass 'things'...not sure how practical a purchase these were...but they were pretty & pretty cheap, too, I stuck a couple of pumpkins in them:

Next, I got these star candle holders and the pillars, too. Not sure I am loving them, either. And I definitely am hating the pic, had to use the flash.

This red star with gold designs on it, looked so pretty in the store...can't find anywhere that I like it in my house fast is not working out so well for me...
And lastly, I got this shabby chic rooster lamp for my kitchen, this one is a keeper! Finally, something I know I am keeping!
So.....then, I hurry up and get outside and wait for hubby and lil guy. So proud of myself because I shopped so fast!

20 minutes later....yes, 20 minutes, ugh! Hubby and lil guy come OUT of HomeGoods! lol Hubby looks very frazzled. Yes, I would be, too, if I were in that mad house with my lil guy and no shopping cart! (I am secretly loving that he had this experience with him though, now he knows how it is to shop with little ones, haha)...cannot believe he was in that store longer than 5 minutes! My hubby is very, very hyper in such situations, he is a typical male, he hates to shop....and especially for 'girlie' things, lol. I would have never guessed he was in there! Too funny! I was stuck outside anyhow, I had 4 huge bags and no cart...but really, I would have never guessed he was in there that long...I'm still laughing about it ;) Our little guy would not leave the store until he found Mommy, so that's what took them so sweet!, when I drop lil guy off at preschool, I will return to my beloved HomeGoods and will be returning the red star for sure and possibly those star candle holders...and then off to shop, alone and not rushed! Ahhh! It's probably what I should have done in the first place...but that is what normal people would have done...

Can anyone relate?


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Anonymous said...

I love your rooster lamp. We have a Home Goods in St. Pete, Love going there. I'm getting so in the mood to get back into my decorating mode. Used to do it all the time.Christmas time seems to be when I shine now,since we are only home in the winter time. But, I'm thinking I need to drag out the old glue gun when I get home in Nov. :)

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Bella,
Love the lamp...and your little pumpkins look great on the table!

I need to get a my points card....I didn't know you could get one for TJ Maxx!! That is good news since we have one here.

Joanne said...

I usually shop at the HomeGoods in Paramus, NJ (about 20 minutes away) but they just opened a new one in Nanuet, NY (literally, seconds away!!!). Well, I too made the mistake of going there opening day. What was I thinking? Hubby looked at me, I looked at him, and headed right out the door. So, first thing the next day, I ran over there while everyone else was at work. Boy, am I smart or what? Only problem was that most of the store was empty! No matter ~~ I can get my fix weekly now. Joanne

Mrs. Trixi said...

My honey HATES to shop too, so I feel your pain.
You did great. We do not have a HomeGoods store anywhere around. I absolutely love that rooster lamp. Too cute.

mollyandmarshal said...

You made out like a bandit! I love all the purchases. I haven't been to Home Goods in a while - looks like I need to get over there!

Marie said...

Don't you LOVE Home Goods?? I wish I had one close by... I usually visit one when I'm in Orlando, but I didn't this weekend. Bummer. LOVE your rooster lamp! It's perfect. And yes, I can relate to shopping with a grouchy husband. I tell him I'm not stopping for food or bathrooms so if he comes with me, he's on his own. lol

Rae said...

That lamp is adorable!! I went with a girlfriend and our two little boys to the opening of Marshalls and YIKES to was crazy!! I went to the same store this past Saturday BY MYSELF and it wasn't crowded at all!! Unfortunately I didn't get anything too cool (I'm actually posting about it later today!!)

Have fun going back by yourself!!!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

We just had THEEEE grand opening here too. Although we have 3 other Home Goods in the Phoenix area, it will be nice to only drive 10 minutes, instead of 30, to get to one.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

My hubby would never step in that store, LOL! I'm so happy for you that you have a new will love it. It's the kind of place you need to go often, cause they get in new stuff every couple of days. Awesome place!

Libby said...

Definitely coveting your beautiful rooster lamp! I have a fantasy of owning chickens, so I have to settle for a few in my kitchen.

Blessings to you and yours,

Ms. Tee said...

Oh yes, I feel for you! :) That's too funny made me laugh just picturing it. That rooster lamp is just the cutest thing. I wish we'd get a Home Goods here - it's one of my very favorite stores.
I am new to the points card - I'll have to check that out!

Tiffany said...

HomeGoods is like my favorite. I just did a post about a wall of plates I got from them...

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of HomeGoods! I have them to thanks for, like, every piece of cook and bake ware in the shore house kitchen! I heart HomeGoods. (Haven't been in a while...I think I've "maxed out" and now need to start editing a bit).

Your recap is hysterical. I hope Mr. Bella doesn't suffer from any post-traumatic HG stress syndrome. The boys just aren't used to this kind of workout. ;-)

Angie said...

Hi Bella!

We don't have any Home Goods around here...I gotta find one and make up a reason to take a trip! I love shopping alone, too..I am a browser..and I am a return to the same aisle and ponder person, I need my space! I like the rooster lamp!


Meghan said...

Love that lamp!
I am addicted to Home Goods.
I was there over the weekend, with my 2 yr old boy & came out with nothing.
Couldn't believe it.
I need to go back when I am all alone.
Wish they were open at midnight.

Anonymous said...

I love Home Goods and your lamp is gorgeous!

Nikki said...

I couldn't have gone in and out of there so fast, that was record time.

I'm still undecided about the dining room window. I'm also a little low on funds right now. I'll find something though. I'm trying to not be in a hurry.

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

That was pretty funny! There is no way I can shop in 7 minutes! Now that's Power Shopping!

Manuela said...

I have a TJMaxx Home Goods and a Marshalls 10 minutes from me! It's usually crazy there on the weekends so I always go mid-week before everybody goes there on their lunch hour. They do have tons of fabulous stuff there and very reasonable prices. Good for you in cashing out your Mypoints (I used to do that program years ago - I wonder how much it's changed).


Joy said...

I hope your second trip proved to be more relaxing and you were able to find treasures that more suit you.

Cottage Rose said...

I just love your rooster lamp, I have been looking for one like that for ever..... I don't have a Home Goods near me any where.. Boo Hooo.:{
I love to take my time and look and look at every single thing they have in the store. It is nice not to have a little one or a Hubby along. My hubby is just like yours he is the in and out kind of guy. Hope you find some good things and please share them.
Have a great week


Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS) said...

That's a great story! Isn't it funny how we get caught up in the moment. I've done it, too. I'm surprised there was anything left in the store! :-) I have 2 Home Goods 15 minutes from my home...and whenever I go in there I get in trouble...too much tempting stuff!
I love your rooster lamp!

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Bella...OMG, you got some good stuff. I wish they had a store here in Wisconsin...but nada! I love the glass holders with the pumpkins in 'em!

Hope you have fun returning and then 'shopping'!


abeachcottage said...

i hear so much about this store in blogland, nothing like it here in Australia! I wish...

too funny with your hubby and the little guy, I love it when those things happen to the guys, normally they just don't get it when you say you can't go shopping with a little one in tow, now he knows, heehee


nikkicrumpet said...

I'm still laughing about the "angels singing" comment. That store gets me that way too. I love the rooster lamp. And I can't imagine how you managed to get through that store so fast...I'm in there for hours. And I could just envision a man in there...when it's crowded...with a little kid. WHOA there are soooo many things in there to tip over and knock off and the aisles are so tight...That must have been a nightmare! Oh well those experiences are good for daddy! I hope you get a leisurely chance to shop your heart out!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Bella!
That rooster lamp IS a keeper!! Really cute! I love Home Goods and TJ Maxx here in Columbus! Well, I just LOVE bargains!!
You've had some great finds of late. I was looking back through your latest posts and you've been on a bargain roll!
Have a great week!
Hugs, Sherry

PAT said...

I bought that same lamp at Marshall's at the lake, last week. It has a multicolored paisley shade. I have it on the kitchen counter and love it!

Marshall's has benches at the front of the store. J always finds a seat there and visits with the other poor guys who also made the mistake of going along with the wife!

Our HomeGoods is about a 30 minute drive. It's always a treat to go to that store.

Ramona said...

Oh happy girl are you. The store will be much calmer in the weeks to come. It is actually very relaxing to go to because it is never too busy..that is, when the grand opening madness ends. They get new stuff~ola 3 or 4 times a week...just another good reason to visit often. Before you know it you will be visiting that store a couple times a week and will have a certain way you go through the store and you will be able to tell what is new and be in and out in 15 minutes...and go home and tell us all about it...delight!

Consider mod~podging that star...maybe with harvest paper....or paint that bad boy with chalkboard paint...just a thought...I am a star~a~holic...have fun!

Smiles ~ Ramona

Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen) said...

Oh Bella, I loved this story! LOL! I really am loving the rooster shabby lamp....that's gorgeous! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi again! Absolutely can relate! I get soo irritated when I have to waste time waiting for someone when I could have still been looking around. (although it is usually my hubby waiting in the car!) I hate rushed shopping too and usually always go alone so I can try and focus!hah like that focus thing is gonna work for me!lol I'll bet this won't happen again next time he'll say I'll stay home!lol Have a great night - Jeannette

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