Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Rhoda from Southern Hospitality has been kind enough to throw a party, but not just any party...this is a party where you show us your favorite thrifty find, how fun!

You can see my favorite here: Clickety-Do-Dah!

After you check out my favorite thing that I <3 so much, please make sure to hop over to Rhoda's page and see what everyone else is showing off today, thanks!

Click HERE for the party!


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Joy said...

What a fun find!
I thought I'd let you know that I used a can of the spray paint from Big Lots and I was pleasantly surprised. Too bad the store I go to only had four colors to choose from. Pink, purple, gray and silver is not much of a selection! I used the gray just in case you were wondering.

Jeanne said...

Bella, It's nice to meet you too, I think your favorites are terrific. Fun, because they are both unusual. I agree about not making the Ms. mad. She would probably send us outside to find a switch. Smile!

Thanks for sharing, Jeanne

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Thanks Bella, for the kind comments on my post! :) The platter is marked Italy on the back. I'm sure you've seen the Italian pottery pieces, they look hand painted, and the name on the back as well, look hand painted. I would check ebay!

I left a comment on your other post last night, but I just love your whimsical S&P shaker set! :)

Oh, and can you pack me in your suitcase when you travel to Italy! LOL! That would be awesome trip!
~Rhonda :)

Shelia said...

Morning! Come over to my blog - I've tagged you if you want to participate you can, if you don't, that's okay too.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Alyce said...

cute little guys you got there. Thanks for visiting my blog! The table is a drop leaf table. (I think it was you that was trying to "name" it.)

Half of the Style Sisters said...

Great blog! I will be back often checking it out. You can check out ours too. Nice thrift store find!!


Cameo said...

I just love the salt and pepper shakers. Those little two hold a whole lot of personality.

Mary said...

I LOVE your favorite thrifty find -- they are so cute! I also wanted to say thank you for voting for my pics in the photo contest -- you are a real sweetheart!

Marie said...

What a cute pair of salt and pepper shakers!! I love them!

Shannon said...

Those SP shakers are so cute! :)

My hubby hates the plates too but oh well. This is what you do...when he is out of town or at work or whatever, just put them up there. That is what I did and he really didn't say anything more than, "Wow, our house looks like an old lady's house." :)

I saw the pic of your bedroom and I think it is screaming for some plates! :)

Beverly said...

Those are terrific finds.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Victoria said...

Bella ~ thanks for stopping by mine & Christina's blog! I have been reading your archives lately and I think our husbands must be related. My hubs never wants me to paint brick, wood, drywall, you name it! :)

I also have the same kitchen drama, with the row of cabinets blocking the dining area from the kitchen. I am still waging WWIII with hubs to get permission to rip them out! ;)

Susie Harris said...

Hi Bella.. just wanted to say thanks for the prayers for jesse. It seems like a lot of people has had this mono...ugh. Hope we dont catch it, smile... have a great weekend

Darlene said...

I left a comment on the other blog day where you first showed them, but I had to tell you those are adorable...they would make me smile everytime I looked at them too!!

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