Saturday, August 23, 2008

Homemade Gifts, If I Can Make Them, So Can You!

(Note: I have scheduled this post to post at 4pm on Saturday, when the party starts! If that doesn't make me a Blog Geek, than I don't know what does!)...

Finally, I can show you the gifts I bought and/or made for my little grand-niece's 1st birthday :)

Here's the pretty bag full of goodies, want to take a peek?

Here's what's inside, I'm sure her favorites will be the pop-up books and Dora socks :)

But here's one of my favorites...this is not my niece's name, this is the ad photo from Kerry's BellaClaireBaby's etsy shop, is this adorable or what? They're Monogrammed BLOOMERS!!!

Here is the Monogram Art that I made for her:

And here is the picture frame that I made for her, I just love how this turned out...

"Thank Heaven For Little Girls" ribbon, so sweet...

Fluffy, shiny trim...this was the FIRST TIME I used a GLUE GUN! lol I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks after all ;)

I am so proud of this frame, I'm so geeky, I know, lol. But it's so pretty! I nailed one of those brackets on the back so they can hang it on the wall....because it really can't be displayed in one of these plate holders because.....I didn't paint the back of the frame...and now there is ribbon and trim glued to the and learn...I am brand spanking new to crafting, so this is all a new learning process for me. But all in all, I still love how it turned out :)

And since was my first visit to their lovely home, I also brought some housewarming gifts...I put everything, well almost everything, into this box that I picked up at a garage sale...I painted it ivy green, and then painted the front of it with chalkboard paint. I packed everything in the box, wrote their street name and when they moved in on the front, in chalk, and then draped a fall garland around the box...

Here's what's inside...a family meal book, wine bottle coasters, a pad of paper, some chalk for their new box...and DARE Maple Leaf cookies, have you tried these? YUM!!!

I also ordered this from etsy. It is a decorative ceiling tin, with their family name and year married, inside a wreath. You hang it from the ribbon. This picture is from the etsy shop, ScribbleIt. You can order one here. I got one for my family, too:

Here is the monogram art I made for their family:

I think it looks so pretty in the box with the fall garland... you all remember Joy from JOYS OF HOME's Mint Tray Project? Well here are a couple of versions that I made, one for them and one for us...but I have a feeling, I will be making LOTS of these, just like the Monogram Art. Thanks, Joy!!!

Here's theirs:

And here's ours:

I will show you how I made these in another post, but it was essentially Joy's project, but I also used scrap paper and glue, because my boxes were shallow and the candy dishes (candle holders) would not stay in place without glue. These would look cute with candy corn, too, I tried to buy some yesterday at Walmart, but they didn't have any...get on the schedule, Walmart! lol

And last but not least, some pretty flowers from my garden as a gift to our gracious hosts:


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Jan and Tom's Place said...

Everything is just gorgeous...I can tell you enjoyed yourself when making everything, too!


Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Your host is certain to invite you back for future visits, bearing such great gifts as these! :) The princess frame is so cute! I'm going to have to try some of the Monogram plaques. They would make great Christmas gift! Yours are wonderful! ~Rhonda :)

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Wow, Bella...feel free to come to my home baring the most beautiful gifts. So proud of you...don't even think you are new to is in you. :)

Tootsie said...

you can see that they were made with lots of love! good work

Darlene said...

What a great job have become the most crafty diva!!! Everything is lovely and I know they will LOVE each and everything!! Just beautiful!

Angie said...

well...look at you over there...being all martha stewart..woohoo! i love chalkboard paint and would love to paint about 3/4 of our surfaces with it..but hubby says no. he is just no fun sometimes..hehe!


p.s. how funny is it that i was lookin for candy corn today, too...i have me a cravin for some..never did find any...darn it!

The Berry's Patch said...


You have become quit the crafter! What thoughtful gifts for your niece and family. That little box with the street name is perfect.

Brandee :-)

Marie said...

Everything is so pretty! First time with a glue gun? You look like an old pro! Those baby bloomers are too cute!!!

Picket said...

Hello friend...great post full of great ideas!!! I adore those bloomers!!!!! lol lol I want to thank you for all your prayers and encouragement for me and my family..I am back to my old self and things are back into negotiations on the contract.thank you dear friend...Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

Jan said...

You put love in your talent. I can tell. I wish I still wore bloomers. I would have you make me a pair. Adorable. Hope you are enjoying your day. :)

Nikki said...

These are all so cute! You did a great job!

Shelia said...

Bella, you're marvelous! What wonderful gifts you've made. I know they're going to love them all!!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Ms. Tee said...

Wow - you've been so busy! Everything is so cute - love the bloomers. Good job! :)

Joy said...

Oh my goodness! You are the most generous and thoughtful person. Your gifts are so personal and wonderful and beautiful! I bet the recipients were thrilled. They should be---it's almost as good as Christmas.
Your projects all look incredible! Next time you're worried about the back of a frame, do what the professionals do and glue brown craft paper on the back. That's my "tip of the day."

Congratulations of your award!
Thank you so much for passing one on to me. You are so kind! I really do appreciate you thinking of me.

I'm excited for the paint party. I can't wait to see what you've been up to,(besides giving incredible gifts).

See ya soon!

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