Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What To Do, What To Do? Part II (The Kitchen)

Ok...so on to the KITCHEN...

Here is the scoop: Original cupboards and hardware (HUGE hardware, so if I replace it, this would make things difficult because of the hole placements), updated dark green formica countertops, which are probably outdated now, lol, hardwood floors...sigh...in the kitchen, but they are staying, SOFFITS everywhere, making the room feel much smaller, but they are staying, too, wallpaper and an oddly placed chair rail, that are going...and last but certainly not least...BRICK, BRICK, EVERYWHERE!!!

Now, on to the visual aids, please excuse the mess, it was dinnertime...

Nice big window, notice the Soffits:

A close-up of the cupboards and HUGE hardware:

"La Cocina" is Kitchen in Spanish...our home is Spanish style, at least the outside and foyer are...after that, they stopped :( Oh, see, this is a big old soffit, once again, making the room feel so small:

See the oddly placed chair rail, I think it makes the room seem smaller than it already is:

A close-up of the doorwall, that we use all of the time...my husband wants a window treatment, but I really don't know what kind, since I don't want it to interfere with the use of the doorwall, privacy is not an issue, unless you don't want deer staring at you, lol:

To the left is the Dining Room, the right, a hallway with built-in desk, again, the chair rail is making the room feel 'short' to me:


Utility Closet...and see the stairs...this is a quad-style home:

A close up of the BRICK:

My husband and I saw a picture of a contemporary kitchen with a brick backsplash that kind of gave us an idea of what to do...tell me what you think...fill in each gap between the bricks with caulk and then paint the brick with a high gloss paint and then maybe even seal it with polyurethane (or something glossy if this is the wrong product to use)...

Also, I have seen so many BLACK kitchens lately...I was thinking black paint on these cupboards might look really sharp. My husband is not a fan of black, though, so this would take some coaxing on my part ;) He likes creamy white.

So, there is our kitchen, in all of its brick glory...please help!!! THANKS!!! :)


Deb said...

Hey Bella, thanks for stopping by. Well, I can see what you are talking about. I would love to get my hands on your kitchen. Is your husband handy??? I hope so, cause you'll need his help. I think you should definitely paint the cabinets, and the walls. I would actually texture the walls over the wall paper and then paint it. You can get the texture guns at Home Depot for pretty cheap. As for the moldings... I'd get rid of them. They use to used moldings like that in just about every room in the house, but not so much anymore. wouldn't be hard to do. Or, you could do like a bead board on the bottom, in like white and then paint the top in a really pretty color. I keep seeing a really light pale blue. If you paint your cabinets then you don't need to worry about the big holes made with the hardware. When you remove them you can always use wood filler to fill them in and then sand and replace them with the ones you want. Maybe some stainless pulls. I think if you go with a light color on the walls you could go with dark cabinets and it would surprise your husband. You might even like the brick once they are painted. You could also take down the cabinets that are between the kitchen and the eating area. You will be amazed how much larger your kitchen it without that barrier. As for the window treatments, some simple valances over the sink window in a nice fabric. You can find salvage pieces of high end fabric at most fabric stores. You can do a really nice treatment for cheap. (I'll post pics of what I did with a yard and a half of dupioni silk later for you to see) Then for the other window, you could use some of the same fabric and add it to prebought panels. That way you have some continuity as far as color and texture in both rooms. The panels would really just be to frame the window rather than actually block something out.

Just some ideas. Hope this helped.

Bella said...

Wow, Deb! You have some fantastic ideas, thanks so much for sharing them with me! I would LOVE to take those cupboards out between the sink and eating area...my problem being of couse, storage space. This kitchen is closing in on me as it is...I guess I could try to come up with some sort of solution, but it wouldn't be easy. We do keep glasses in half of those cabinets and then paper products and such, in the other half. I have though of somehow hanging the glasses from the ceiling if we lost those cupboards...I really would love to do that...hmmmm....

Shelia said...

Morning, Bella! Oh, kitchen dilemas! Your little head has been going to town, hasn't it? You have all sorts of ideas! I'd paint dem walls!! Paint does wonders. As for painting your cabinets black, if you have lots of light in here it would work - but it may be too dark with your dark countertops and dark appliances. You know what I've seen that looks really nice? The bottom cabinets are painted one color and the tops another! It sounds funny, but with the right colors they look fab. Like white/cream on top with a soft mossy green of brown on the bottom. Can't wait to see what you do! Thanks for coming to 'cruise' with me this morning.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Blanca said...

Your kitchen definately has potential. The exposed brick is a plus and the color is perfect. I do agree on getting rid of the wallpaper. As for the cabinets maybe show your husband a few pictures of painted cabinets. Just know that it takes a lot of prep work for painting them. It has to be done the right way because othewise it will turn out messy. Trust me I've done my share of lazy work and ended up ruining some cabinets. Do your homework on it before taking on such a big job. If done correctly you and your husband will be very happy witht the results. I hope I haven't scared you away from painting them. I also agree on getting rid of the cabinets in the middle. It will open up your kitchen and make it seem much larger. As for a wall color it all depends on what you do with the cabinets. Will be back to see what you decide.

Thank you for coming by to see me and my blog.


Shelley said...

Hello Bella, just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Your home and family are beautiful.


Shannon said...

This is a hard one! I like the idea of black cabinets though. :)

You are very craft deprived. :) At least you do have a Joannes and Michaels. We don't have either!

Marlene said...

Hi Bella..I think your kitchen has alot of charm...I think paint would definately update it tremendously.. I am with your husband.. creamy white cabinets and on all the frames and doors, then off with wallpaper and paint walls and brick a light color of choice..I would lose all the mouldings.. I used to help stage houses for resale and a trick i learned for curtains which I still use today is instead of buying expensive curtains I buy clips and make curtains out of beautiful textured tablecloth.. the high end ones you find in Ross or Marshalls ect.... they give you lots of yardage for your $ and if you were to check the yardage store and buy the SAME it would cause you ALOT more... simple curtains with clip rings look so nice and sleek in a room..and I love using black rods and clips against a light wall background! I just LOVE redoing a room from scratch!!! I look forward to seeing all your process pictures!!! Marlene from Cambria

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Bella, It looks like you already have some wonderful ideas to ponder over! Your kitchen is already very charming and I love your table and chairs. If you'd like to incorporate the style of them, here are just a few suggestions. Beadboarding up to the chair~rail. And, the cabinets painted a creamy white/beige...distressed just a little. Like someone said, just fill the old holes with wood filler. Paint, a light color, to make the soffits less noticable and maintain an open feel. Can't wait to see what you do with it! Everyone's ideas were great! :)

Your home is decorated beautifully!

Marie said...

Oh those cabinets of yours DO pose a problem, don't they? If you paint them though, you can fill the old hardware holes in and you can buy new hardware. That's a bonus. ;o) There is a lot going on in your kitchen, isn't there? Between the soffits, the molding, the brick and wallpaper? I wouldn't know where to begin! Good luck! I'd definitely paint the cabinets though!

duchess said...

Ok - it's my first time here but I'll put my two cents in anyway.
I love the exposed brick and the ideas of painting the cabinets and trim a nice creamy white with beadboard below the high moldings & a nice color above. It would be great to remove the divider cabinets to help open up the room.
Be sure to show us whatever you come up with. Good Luck.

Nicol said...

I totally understand! In fact, I posted my kitchen remodel on my blog earlier today.

We ended up gutting the thing (we had to rewire and replumb). Plus I hated everything about it.

Good luck!

Susie Harris said...

Hi Bella.. I thinkmyou have a great room to work with. I would maybe think about taking the moulding down or to lower it. That may help a bunch... Susie h~

Kitty Scraps said...

Hi Bella, thanks for stopping by my blog! I think your kitchen has a lot of potential and loads of charm. Are you absolutely certain the brick can not be removed? Is it real brick actually supporting something or just fake brick in panels glued to the wall? I love the brick but I'm not living with it day in and day out so... if you're certain it can not be removed without major trauma then I'd suggest just painting it a light color. The chair rail is at an odd height plus I agree with you that it just highlights how chopped up your walls are with all the door ways, take it down. I also agree with the idea of removing the upper cabinets between your eating area and kitchen if at all possible. There was a great blog on this very thing featured on today's creative blog, Saucy I think it's called, go check it out, also the cabinets on it were painted black and look amazing.

Everyone has left you some awesome ideas to go along with the ones you already have. Just remember paint can work miracles, if you don't get the color right the first time just do it again, no big deal. As for painting the cabinets, I've painted lots of cabinets in my time and each time they turned out great. The trick is to do the prep work and commit to the time it's going to take to do it right. It's not hard, just a little time consuming but worth it when you're finished. The hardware holes can be fixed with wood putty but keep your hinges as those can be tricky and expensive to replace, just paint over them! You may have to touch them up again in a year or so but who cares, that's much cheaper and easier than replacing them (voice of experience here).

I love the black rod and ring clip idea for that door wall, just to frame the glass doors and give it some softness and personality. You don't have a lot of wall space to work with for artwork so fabric is going to take the stage for decorating. Love your table and chairs too. I think you have a great kitchen with loads of charm, it just needs your special touch. And BTW I have wood floors in my kitchen and I adore them, so comfortable to stand on and since my home is 100+yrs old they fit. Just get a great rug if you don't like them.

Good luck and I can't wait to see each step of your progress. I love what you've done in your other rooms!


WOW! Looks like so many people gave you some great advice!! I can't wait to see the after pictures!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Bella, thanks for stopping by! Wow, what a kitchen to redo. You've gotten some great suggestions, so I'm not going to rehash it all. I'd definitely take down all the wallpaper & paint the walls. I do agree with your hubby on creamy white for the cabinets. That's such a classic look. I know you'll figure it all out & make it look so pretty.

Hope you'll come back to see me!


Layla said...

Hi Bella!

So nice to "meet" you and your Kitchen. :-)
Definately break out the wood putty and fill in those hardware holes! It's fast, easy and new pulls provide such instant gratification when updating a Kitchen.
Are the soffit's hiding duct work? If not, I would remove them. It will open up the room SO much, and I think in the end- you'll feel like you got a brand new Kitchen!
As for the cabinets, they have a very specific design element on the fronts of them- and unless you plan on removing that moulding, I would keep them either a creamy white or a color that pops. I think black works better with clean-lined cabinetry, and yours have such a "whimsical" aesthetic about them. The disadvantage of painting cabinetry white (and the reason I didn't) is that you can't polyeurathane them. If you put poly over the top of white paint, it will turn yellow over time. Yuck! And if you don't choose a paint color you can seal, you will have finger prints galore, and will always run the risk of chipping/scratching them because they aren't protected.
Whatever color you paint the cabinets, I would also paint the Utility Room doorsthe same color.
I would remove the chair rail trim. Although, I'm not sure if it can actually be called "chair rail", unless your chairs are eight feet tall! :-)
And I would not paint the brick with a glossy paint. I would stick with a more matte finish. I think that glossy brick looks sort of un-natural. Brick is actually some sort of hardened clay, right? In a previous home, I painted on a product that simulated real brick. It was brick-colored paint mixed with a TON of sand. First I painted the grout, a grout-type color, then I went over the brick with the textured paint. Looked like a real brick wall when I was finished! Nobody knew I had painted it! :-)

Well, I've rambled enough...whatever you do, I'm sure it's going to look great. Look forward to watching the transformation!

The Lettered Cottage

Laurie - Decorating Fanatic said...

Hi Bella! Thanks for stopping by my space. I was reading about your kitchen redo. In my old home, I got the notion to repaint all my kitchen cabinets black. This was right after my second child was born (he is now 9) so I would paint in the wee hours of the night - my only time to myself. My family teased me that it was postpartum depression but I loved the way they looked! I sanded the edges a bit and made curtains out of a black fruit fabric that really tied it together. To me it looked more like an english cottage style. Not sure if that's the look you want but I loved it and had many admirers of it (after those P.P.Depression comments died down!) You have a few challenges in your kitchen but paint can work miracles! Just gather a few decor mags of what you like and maybe with some characterisitcs of your own kitchen for inspiration. Good luck. Can't wait to see what you do. P.s. Love the salt & pepper shakers! too cute! ~ Laurie

Susie Harris said...

I bought that littl black shelf with the knobs on it from hobby Lobby... The fluer .. picture I made.. It was an old ceiling tin. those are so much fun to work with. I may have another and might sell it in my etsy ... Smiles... Susie h~

Lyst på livet! said...

Thank you for your visit on my blog and your lovely comment .-).

You have a lovely blog too, and I`d really like to get the recepie to the bumpy cake :-)

Hugs from Norway :-)

Susie Harris said...

Hi Bella... I found one.. That Fluer D tile you were asking about.. it will be in my etsy shop as soon as I can get some pictures of it... thanks Susie h~

Chris said...

I'm a little late, but you've got some great ideas from people here. My two cents? Paint those cabinets! I really think you should go with a creamy color because of the type of door style you have. I really like the brick work. I wouldn't mess with it too much, because then it looks like...well...you messed with it. What about cream cabinets and a beautiful stone countertop? Play up the Spanish influence. I would definitely paint the walls. However, there is some great wall paper out there--try Candice Olson. Well, I'll be back to see how it goes. Good luck!

Susie Harris said...

Hey Bella.... The fluer de lis is now up in my shop. Just wanted you to know so you could have first dibs at it... thanks..

Tausha said...

thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love meeting new people! espescailly people who love to be creative, just like me!
I know that yOu have already got a ton of advice on yor kitchen, so since you asked, I will give you my two cents.
I would paint the cupboards defiantely-you could do black or a really pretty olve green. (that is what color mine will be sooner than later if I have my way) Just spary paint your knobs. Then you wont have to go to the expense of mudding the holes and repainting. Plus, new knobs are expensive! I would take down the chair rail and I Loved the idea from Deb (isn;t she great) and texture the walls. Then you wont have to take down the dreaded wall paper. Trust me, it sucks!!
Paint those bifold doors. Depending on what color you paint your cupboards. I think that red would look sharp with black cupboards, or cream with green. Just take em out and spray paint them. Too easy you will wonder why you never did it before!
Defniately window treatments. I think a cute plaid or toille valance would do wonders for the space. Your hubby would love it! Good luck!

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