Thursday, July 31, 2008

Iron Work Wall...Revisited...Another WWYD? Post

Ok, so I posted this Iron Work Wall (TIWW) again the other day and so many of you like it. Frankly, I like it, too, but I hate seeing the back of the TV and entertainment center through it (and the dust on top of the back of the TV, very attractive, don't you think?).

So, I tell my dh this and now he is ready to keep it again. Really, he just doesn't want to do the work of drywalling up that wall. I can't say that I blame him, we have been pretty busy around here lately and there is still more to do...

I have taken a bunch of photos of the Living Room and Foyer, so that you can get a better idea of the layout of the room...and the furniture that we have to work with. We are actually not keeping the entertainment center, at least not forever, as hubby wants a new plasma TV...don't they all? ;) It was our plan to drywall up that wall and hang the TV there...and maybe get a faux fireplace for underneath...I have even seen fireplaces that are made for putting under plasma that was my little dream he wants to keep this wall...again...ergh...

Here is my thing, too, if we keep it, I don't want the TV on TIWW or even in that corner...because I don't want to be looking out into the foyer or have the foyer as a focal point...does that make sense? The sectional does not fit in the room any other way because of the chaise lounge chair part. Hubby wants to take it off, but then the clips on the side would show...but I guess I could put a table next to it.

I have 2 old wing chairs in the basement, that I could get slip covers for and use as extra seating, if needed...possibly in front of TIWW.

TIWW needs to be painted, too...and since I thought we were getting rid of it, I spray painted the matching railings a bronze sort of color, to blend in with the wood floor and brown carpet...but if we keep TIWW, I don't want it to be bronze, hubby doesn't want it to be I guess just repaint it cream???

OK, well enough of me and my IWW angst...on with the tour! :)

I love the color on the walls and we're sticking with something similar. This color is called "Outback" by Behr, but not sure if they make it anymore, since you know how they like to change the names of their colors all the time...but maybe they can still bring it up on their computer?

Don't worry about the blinds...I am going to copy Deb from Deb's Country Kisses, window treatment...roman blinds with curtains...we need them not so much for privacy as to block the sun from the TV...but if you have other ideas, I would love to hear them:

The hideous fuchsia pink accent wall is going, was all the rage in the 90's, which would be OK, if we bought this house in the 90's, but we bought it in 2003 and then painted it this color...what was I thinking??? ;)

Stairs...this is a quad-style home, so lots of stairs!

No, we don't have a ghost...that's just Speedy Gonzales there in the pic ;)

This is the same color as the living room, it's so warm, just love it.

The pretty ceiling tin Fleur de Lis from Susie Harris' etsy shop again...a few of you said to decorate this iron work wall with more hangings with black ribbon:

The original ceramic (I guess?) tile in my foyer, I think it is called Talavera, but if anyone knows different, please let me know:

OK, so now that you have seen it all...what do you think?

Edited to add:

Just found this picture on Kristi's Addicted to Decorating Blog, the curtain behind the tv looks really sharp, it's a Candice Olson room, featured in Home Magazine. Do you think something like this would work:


Sarah said...

I have been lurking for awhile, and have been thinking about your iron wall. What if you padded and wrapped a piece of plywood in a solid fabric and used that as a backdrop for your entertainment center. From the other side it would look artsy and you could hang small pictures on the living room side next to the tv. Just an idea. -s

Bella said...

Hi Sarah, yeah, some people have mentioned using fabric, but I guess since I don't sew (and I can't even mistreat that good)...I am kind of overwhelmed by that kind of a, it would have to have the design on both sides, so that may mean double the fabric and this is a pretty big wall...I mean, I am thinking I would just do the whole wall if I did it??

I was thinking of burlap or something neutral like that, then I would only need one piece...but maybe that is expensive, too, I don't know?

Then...would I hang it on a rod, like a curtain, on the living room side...or tack it to the entire wall (and what would that look like?

I wish I was not so fabricly challenged.... I bet alot of you would have had this project nailed down as soon as you moved in here :)

Thanks, Sarah! Nice to meet you :)


Bella said...

Oh wait, you said to use plywood and wrap it to then I would definitely need it to cover both sides. That actually would not be too hard to do, just bulky, but that is no big deal...and I would need lots of fabric, too and staples for the staple gun...that is what I would use, right? So many questions, sorry!


Bella said...

Maybe I could make it in 3-4 panels and have them side by side...then when we move, we would have 4 headboards, lol ;)

hmmmmm....I kind of like this idea!!!

The Berry's Patch said...


Have you thought about switching the tv cabinet and couch? That way, the tv cabinet would be on the long wall and the couch would cover some of the iron. On the other side of the iron you would just see the fabric from the couch.


Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

I agree with Brandee...maybe switching the couch and TV...or either sliding the TV caddy cornered in the corner...just over from where it is now. If you switched the couch and TV, you could put it to one side of the wall, and use the pretty picture over the couch, beside the TV. Does that makes sense??? LOL! I just love the iron work and your tile is gorgeous!!! If you wanted to do the Candace Olsen curtain, I would probably try to find enough panels to go the full length of the iron wall and matching ones for your windows. That would be really pretty too! That would be really pretty too! I would be careful "wrapping the TV"...wonder if it would be able to breath? We had a TV "jammed" in a tight armoire years ago, and it quit...because it wasn't able to get enought air! Just a heads up! :)


Joy said...

I wish I could come visit you and play Let's Rearrange the Furniture. Are you sure that sectional won't fit where the entertainment center is now? If it does, then leave a little space between the couch and the iron work.
You could buy some neutral curtains and hang a wall of them over the open wall and matching ones over the windows. Ikea makes some long enough to go from floor to ceiling. I think I'd rather see the backside curtain hems more than the backside of the tv. If I were you, I'd tack a bedsheet up there to see if I liked the look before making any purchases.
Your other option is to separate the sectional and not let the connectors bug you.
OH! There is one more option. (Why didn't I think of this sooner?) Cover the back of the entertainment center with fabric or a thin veneer that's stained or painted! If you're worried about the heat from the tv then drill a few holes in it. Then center the whole thing more in the middle of the iron work. That way it becomes a beautiful background to the iron work. If your tv sticks out too much in the back, just build a box, attach it to the back and stain or paint it along with the rest of the back of the cabinet.
Okay, I think I'm done brainstorming for ideas.
Good luck!

Kristi @ Addicted*2*Decor said...

I think a curtain like in the CO room would be great! I love Candice...I always learn so much from looking at her rooms.


Chris said...

When I first saw it I thought, "Drywall that sucker and give yourself some more wall space!". However, if you or your husband are still wavering, that might not be an option. My second choice would definitely be the fabric. If you go to Candice's site, she actually uses this quite often. She does the actual curtain panels, and she does the straight, flat ones that can be slid back and forth on a track. You can find some examples of what I'm talking about at Ikea, I think. My two cents is to cover it--whether with a whole new wall or with panels. It serves as a focal point to your room, and I think you want the focus elsewhere. Good luck with your decision--keep us posted!

Courtney said...

Hi Bella! Thanks for stopping by Nesting Instincts! It's nice to meet you too! I have another thought...probably boring...but I would just slide the TV cabinet over to the left and angle it in the corner. If you decide to drywall later...or even do the curtain still can, but I agree that it looks a little awkward from both sides having the cabinet cover most of the opening. It's kind of a fun architectural feature that is unique to your house, and it seems a shame to cover it up from either side. (You could also definitely consider painting the ironwork itself a different color...what about brown...the whole Tuscan-type look?)

Rue said...

Hi Bella :)

You've gotten some great ideas from these ladies.

I think if you want to move the couch that putting a table next to it would be fine. I've thought about doing that myself. What were we thinking with the chaise??? LOL

Good luck :)

At Home Redesigns said...


You do have a unique problem. How about: move the TV cabinet to the wall opposite the window (that the sofa is not in front of) and then move the sofa in front of the other window?

Maybe you could grab some of those little sliders you can stick under furniture to make moving easier and try a view options (and show us?.

Good luck!


Deb said...

Hi Bella, I just happened to look through my previous post and saw where you asked about the paint in my den. The Bittersweet is by Eddie Bauer I got the paint card at lowes, but Walmart has a machine that they use to copy from any card that you bring in and they can come up with their own formular. So I used Color Place paint from Walmart. I bought two cans but only used one. Yes, and the wall was blue before. The green paint is called Old Mill, it's a Walmart color they will have the formular in their paint book. The curtains I bought at Burlington, I bought 3 panels, I hung two and used the 3rd panel to add length to the two. The shades we bought two that were 47" wide and 63" in length. We made the two meet in the middle and what hung over on the outside is hidden under the drapes, but you can cut them if you like, but they only cost us for the two, 59.23. Now I want you to know that you can see through the shades, so you will have to draw your drapes at night if you mind that. Deb

abeachcottage said...

I would move the TV cabinet over to the left and angle it in the corner too so if you decide to drywall or curtain after it's still doable

I'd consider painting the ironwork, it's so unique!

Justine said...

Darnit girl, most of your pictures aren't displaying! Of course, I keep losing my internet connection so maybe it's a problem on my end.
Btw... I'm the one who posted about having sperm brows! LOL

Justine :o )

Bella said...

DH and I are going to play around with the furniture placement this weekend...I will hopefully have pics to post on Monday!

Thanks everyone (and keep the tips coming in!)


Connie said...

Okay, sweetpea, I've spent the last several minutes viewing your blog and I have to say I think you've got such a "NEAT" house!! I gotta tell ya though, my sweet chick, that if you want "UGLY" you should see under the little cover I made for the footstool in our family room - psychedelic putrid green and gold right outta the 70s!!! Aaaaaaaaaw, gasp, choke, gag, it's hideous. It just might be on the side bar of View My Home, but it's definitely in my blog somewhere if you'd care to look. So those chairs didn't frighten me for one second!

Mud room? I think it's nice actually. Functions just as a mud room should. You could put up a divider to "block" it off from the family room and make it not appear as part of the FR.

Fireplace? Why is it men don't want to paint wood or BRICK?!?!?! We had this same discussion last night about our oak dining table with the contractor. He and hubs wouldn't paint it and had a fit when I mentioned it! I fully intend to do something to it but it may not be white like I intended. But definitely lighter. Anyway, I digress. Paint the brick! Hubs will get over it. You're the decorator in the house. If you want it to blend in with the wall paint it the same color. But I'd accent it in a different color. If it was my brick I'd paint it white because I'm so into shabby chic, but you paint it whatever color you want, chickadee! Nothing says brick has to look brick colored. It's a beautiful fireplace though.

Follow your heart and instincts. Paint can be changed, ya knowwwww!! Ah, these men who try to stifle our creativity......squeeeeealllll.......

Go for it, bella chick!!

Connie..........and I'm adding ya to my Google Reader. I like that better than the blogger updater! ;-)

Kitty Scraps said...

Hi Bella,
Here's an idea that I don't think has been mentioned yet... Move the tv to the long wall where your sectional is now... Then put your sectional in the room in front of the iron wall but not pushed up against it, have room to walk between the section and the iron wall, understand? I think your living room looks large enough to pull this off. I've even done this arrangement in a small apartment with a sofa and loveseat; got lots of compliments. Even put the pretty glass topped console type table you have behind it... This way you're not blocking the iron wall, your not looking at it when you're sitting on the sofa watching tv AND it's a feature on it's own. Paint it of course! LOL I think cream would be great but I'd truly treat it like a big piece of art work, it's lovely, same with the tile, gorgeous. I wouldn't think you'd have to have the sectional more than 24" from the iron wall to have ample walking space around... try it, won't hurt to see right? Good luck!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Bella!
I just love your decorating challenges! I think fabric would be the least expensive (and movable) solution to your IWW problem. Another thought is... what if you got old shutters and hinged them together and set them behind the tv unit. Seeing them through the IWW would look so quaint. You could even use new shutters and make them shabby painted looking to "blend in" with the cream. I really think you should do a collection on that IWW it would be a great look!
This is so fun Bella! (don't tell anyone, I had a fushia/raspberry wall at one time too) SHHH!
Hugs, Sherry

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