Monday, July 7, 2008

Fresh Blackberries!

It's that time of year again, when I take a bath in deet and go blackberry picking around my yard. It was a good harvest, I got about 2 cups in about 45 minutes of sweltering heat and humidity...and darn if the mosquitoes didn't try to bite my FOREHEAD, the only part of me not doused in deet...errrrrrr!

But I think it was worth it...

Yum!!! Fresh Blackberry Crisp and Land 'O Lakes Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream...take that, mosquitoes!!!


Jan & Tom's Place said...

Can you pass a fork? The crisp would go good with my cup of tea this morning.

Thanks! LOL~!~


Anonymous said...

Hi Bella! Glad you stopped in! I see we have homegoods in common!!!lol I still haven't completely gotten out of my "black" phase yet and am keeping several items around just in case I tire of the new for me "beige" items! I'm always changing! That crisp looks delicious! I am getting sooo hungry this morning lookin at everyone's baked goodies! Have a great day - Jeannette

Anonymous said...

ooooh yum! Bit cold for me right now in the middle of winter but having a treat like that in the summertime would be well worth it :-)


Anonymous said...

gosh...that looks delicious!! I am going to make it TONIGHT! my parents have a HUGE BLACKBERRY bush (actually BUSHES!) and i have a butt load of blackberries!!

We usually make cobbler, but this is different and I want to try it! YUMMMMMY!

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