Sunday, July 20, 2008


We bought this Awrey's Ripple Cake today at Colasanti's Market in Milford:

Yes, it is the same thing as Sander's Bumpy Cake:

I have a hot date now...

...see you next time!!!

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Fifi Flowers said...

That looks good... yum!
Thanks for the restaurant tip... I actually live in the Los Angeles area!

Shelia said...

OOOH, yummy! That's looks delicious! Hope you're having a beautiful Sunday.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Anonymous said...

my goodness! that looks delicious!!!!

Shelia said...

Morning Bella! Thank you for coming to see me this morning. Yes, I made that pillow. I make a lot of my pillows. Sometimes, it's cheaper to buy them, especially from Marshall's, but I still like to do it and you can really get what you want that way.
Now, my question to you is - do you still have some of that lucious cake left? It looks so good!
Be a sweetie today,
Shelia ;)

Marie said...

Thanks for coming by my blog! I'm glad you did...I'm really enjoying yours! I added you to my reader. :o) That cake looks divine, by the way!

Susie Harris said...

That cake is lookin' too good for me!!! I love cake... Maybe thats why I had three kids... more kids... more birthdays... more cake.. hehe.. I saw your room and it is devine girlfriend! Love that blue! Susie h~

Libby said...

uhhh....all I can say is YUMM! I'll be over soon!


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