Thursday, July 31, 2008

Iron Work Wall...Revisited...Another WWYD? Post

Ok, so I posted this Iron Work Wall (TIWW) again the other day and so many of you like it. Frankly, I like it, too, but I hate seeing the back of the TV and entertainment center through it (and the dust on top of the back of the TV, very attractive, don't you think?).

So, I tell my dh this and now he is ready to keep it again. Really, he just doesn't want to do the work of drywalling up that wall. I can't say that I blame him, we have been pretty busy around here lately and there is still more to do...

I have taken a bunch of photos of the Living Room and Foyer, so that you can get a better idea of the layout of the room...and the furniture that we have to work with. We are actually not keeping the entertainment center, at least not forever, as hubby wants a new plasma TV...don't they all? ;) It was our plan to drywall up that wall and hang the TV there...and maybe get a faux fireplace for underneath...I have even seen fireplaces that are made for putting under plasma that was my little dream he wants to keep this wall...again...ergh...

Here is my thing, too, if we keep it, I don't want the TV on TIWW or even in that corner...because I don't want to be looking out into the foyer or have the foyer as a focal point...does that make sense? The sectional does not fit in the room any other way because of the chaise lounge chair part. Hubby wants to take it off, but then the clips on the side would show...but I guess I could put a table next to it.

I have 2 old wing chairs in the basement, that I could get slip covers for and use as extra seating, if needed...possibly in front of TIWW.

TIWW needs to be painted, too...and since I thought we were getting rid of it, I spray painted the matching railings a bronze sort of color, to blend in with the wood floor and brown carpet...but if we keep TIWW, I don't want it to be bronze, hubby doesn't want it to be I guess just repaint it cream???

OK, well enough of me and my IWW angst...on with the tour! :)

I love the color on the walls and we're sticking with something similar. This color is called "Outback" by Behr, but not sure if they make it anymore, since you know how they like to change the names of their colors all the time...but maybe they can still bring it up on their computer?

Don't worry about the blinds...I am going to copy Deb from Deb's Country Kisses, window treatment...roman blinds with curtains...we need them not so much for privacy as to block the sun from the TV...but if you have other ideas, I would love to hear them:

The hideous fuchsia pink accent wall is going, was all the rage in the 90's, which would be OK, if we bought this house in the 90's, but we bought it in 2003 and then painted it this color...what was I thinking??? ;)

Stairs...this is a quad-style home, so lots of stairs!

No, we don't have a ghost...that's just Speedy Gonzales there in the pic ;)

This is the same color as the living room, it's so warm, just love it.

The pretty ceiling tin Fleur de Lis from Susie Harris' etsy shop again...a few of you said to decorate this iron work wall with more hangings with black ribbon:

The original ceramic (I guess?) tile in my foyer, I think it is called Talavera, but if anyone knows different, please let me know:

OK, so now that you have seen it all...what do you think?

Edited to add:

Just found this picture on Kristi's Addicted to Decorating Blog, the curtain behind the tv looks really sharp, it's a Candice Olson room, featured in Home Magazine. Do you think something like this would work:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

WWYD? (Glorified Mud Room) SHOES!!!

This is the other side of our Family Room. That brown door goes to the garage. This is where we enter our home from, where our keys go, where our shoes and coats drop...some more hap-hazardly than others...

I bought that Pottery Barn knock-off storage bench and shelf from last year thinking it would solve all of my problems,,,um does help and I do like that I can decorate the shelf...

...but the baskets on the bottom are really too small to store alot of shoes in, so other 'crap' seems to accumulate in them instead..or if I do put shoes in them, they are never to be worn again...out of sight, out of mind, I guess. The one idea I do have for it, though, is to spray paint the wicker baskets either a red tone to match the wood, or a green or black to contrast...I think the natural color of them sticks out too much.

The shoe holder thingee we have had for years, it's functional but an eyesore...and I have to put all of the shoes on there, none of my little or big men do this on their own.

The big basket, I just picked up at Big Lots out of desperation, really. I know it doesn't look that hot, but I was tired of looking at all of those shoes all over the floor.

Don't worry about the magazines, I can find a home for them, or recycle/freecycle them :)

So...what do you do with shoes? Do you have any advice for me? I surely do need it!!! Thanks so much, my blogging friends :)


Monday, July 28, 2008

Ceiling Tin Fleur de Lis

Remember THIS?:

And this:

Now it looks like this:

I bought it from Susie Harris' etsy shop, check it out!!! (She has some of the most fab TASSELS in town!)

Click** Click** Click**

Make sure to check out her blog, Bienvenue, too, it ROCKS!!!

Thanks, Susie!!!

PS: I publicly apologize to Susie for giving this lovely Fleur de Lis tin such an unpleasant home...but it is temporarily (hear that honey???) providing a little more beauty in an otherwise ugly part of my you've heard me say before, it makes me for now, here it stays...the good thing about blogland is that when I move it, I can show you all where I've moved it to...and I promise it will be a great spot when that happens!

PPS: Thanks for the extra "French" gift tags, they are beautiful, Susie!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Big, Bad Fireplace

I mean, really, look at this thing:

I just love the color on these is Chamois by Ralph Lauren, available at The Home buttery and warm, I think it helps warm up the brick, too...which I wanted to paint, but hubby said, "Are you crazy???" lol:

We absolutely fell in love with it when we bought this home...but it is a challenge to decorate, so I just decorate it right over the fireplace, instead of the whole length of the mantel, which I think would look like a store display, what do you think? (If you have suggestions for decorating the mantel, I'd love to hear them!):

I love this little duckie, he is handmade and even signed, and I got him for $2 at a garage sale, SCORE!!!

Here's my other favorite duck in the room, my oldest son drew this in art class several years ago (yes, I need to use goo off on the frame, all in good time, lol):

Oh wait, who's that hamming it up for the camera:

It was me with my Mom's birthday present...we went to her house yesterday for her birthday, Robert couldn't wait to see what she got:

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

How To Reupholster Kitchen Chairs

(This kitchen chair reupholstery project is from a couple of months ago. My husband and I were actually going to buy a new kitchen table set because of these GROSS seats...but then we just decided to try to recover them only cost about $30 to do!!! I am so glad we decided to give it a try...all you need is a staple gun and easy!! Happy Saturday!!!)

From Hideous to Beautiful - The Chair Project

Are we not the grossest chairs you have ever seen in your life?

I'm with ugly <---->No, I'm with ugly

Hello, eat the food not the chair!

These people are SLOBS!

A picture says 1,000 words...

I'm Robert's chair, bet you couldn't figure that one out...

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After!!! I'm a happy chair now!

The material is red and gold, with a diamond pattern, but it does not photograph all that well.

Mommy, take my picture!!!

Now, I am not embarassed to tell someone to have a seat, lol.

Does this color make my seat look big?

Just another close-up, with a little 4 year old's hand in the pic.

My kitchen is happy.

My bunny is happy.

My grapevine tree is happy.

"Laughter is the music of the Heart"

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