Monday, June 30, 2008

17, Yes SEVENTEEN Years!

Well, today, I have been married to my honey for 17 did that happen?

We were so young 17 years ago...and now we are officially adults...we are living in our 3rd home (but we also rented 3 apartments), we have had hmm...10 cars maybe? 3 cats...and lastly and most profoundly for sure...we have 2 great boys! Yep, we are all grown's still hard to believe sometimes!

I hope the next 17 years will be even better...but with less homes, cats and kids!!! ;)


Susie Harris said...

Congrats to yall! Hope yall have a great day planned... Susie h~

Anonymous said...

Hi again Bella! A belated "Happy Anniversary - you two are adorable together! Jeannette

the wreath witch said...

happy anniversary

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