Sunday, May 25, 2008

Crochet Chair Doilies...Now I Get It!

Ok, when I first went to my husband, Velo's parents' house, in 1990, I had to laugh to myself about the old fashioned crocheted chair cover doilies all over the place...of course, I was about 22 years old and 'knew it all', like most 22 year olds;)

Over the years, I still would laugh to myself when I saw them...even though, as I got older, I did appreciate how comfy they were when I sat down on one, to dine with my in-laws on stuffed cabbage, grilled pork butt steaks, tomato and cucumber salad with goat cheese and other tasty Yugoslavian, do I miss my mother-in-law's cooking...she died in 2006 :( was a couple of years ago when I discovered that hey...I wish I had some doilies on my kitchen chairs, lol. At our old house, we had wooden chairs, so they were relatively easy to keep clean...although, not so comfortable to sit on...but here, at the new house...we have upholstered kitchen chairs...bad, bad idea! They were trashed in no time, especially with my 3 men in the house (yes, I will blame all of the slobbiness on them, this is MY blog afterall)....

If only I had embraced this Doilie craze that my MIL did. Her chairs were always clean (and comfy!). My chairs are beyond embarassing and not very comfortable if you sit on the part where it looks like someone took a bite out of the seat.

So, let's hear it for the doilies...maybe they will make a comeback, I can see it now, on HGTV...Host: "What you need are some DOILIES!" Well, maybe not...but all I know is that whenever I see a doilie at my in-laws' house, I will sit down, think "Ahhhh...." in my head....and wait for the stuffed cabbage to be passed my way.


As close of an example that I could find on the net...but my MIL's were usually just a circle or square shape, kind of thick and just sat on the chair, they were not tied down, see the pic at the top.

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